Piano Tuning Apprenticeship

Grand Pianos
Benjamin working on a piano

Benjamin working on a piano

Apprenticeships are offered at both locations, Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee. Contact Bill Hill for further information, 205-223-7312



“My piano teacher had always said I had an ear for pitch. Even the majority of the songs I learn are by ear. After two years of piano practice, my uncle recommended a piano tuner, Bill Hill. Bill worked on our piano several times over the next couple of years and I always enjoyed watching how tuning worked. One day, after he had fixed a problem with our piano, my mom asked him where one would go to learn this skill. He then said that if I was interested, I could begin an apprenticeship under him. My parents met with him and discussed the details and I began soon afterward. I have had one year of training in a two year program! Love it! Benjamin Harris (Age 16)”

“I cannot say enough about the experience that my son, Benjamin, is learning from his apprenticeship under Bill. Piano tuning is a big part of it, but the character building, work ethic and self-confidence that has been instilled is just as valuable. I have never seen Benjamin more interested or enthusiastic about anything as much as this. Bill has done a fine job of teaching, instructing and encouraging Benjamin in the trade, and has also helped him to work through many areas in his life that have been obstacles. He has been extremely influential in training Benjamin to be a disciplined and conscientious young man. I would recommend him, and the expertise he offers, to anyone looking for a unique and valuable trade. He has played a huge part in the shaping of my son’s life and his trade in the few months they have been working together.” ¬†Wendy Harris