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Bill Hil

Bill Hill

In 1965, I responded to a newspaper advertisement for a temporary position with the Everett Piano Factory.  At the close of my interview the personal director asked why a sharp young man would apply for a temporary job.  I told him that I was going to work so hard, that when the temporary job ended, he would want to find another place for me.  He said, “That’s what I wanted you to say”.  He told me to come in Monday and he would give me a full time position in a department that had not had an opening in 15 years!  I was hired as a piano regulator.  A regulator is trained to make over 5000 adjustments to make a piano play properly.  It was the highest paid position in the factory. My first day on the job, a piano tuner came up to me and asked if I would like to come over to his place in the evenings and teach him what they were teaching me during the day.  In return, he would teach me how to tune. That same night, we went out and bought a piano and the rest is history.

Everett Piano Factory

Everett Piano Factory

3 years later, I was offered a technicians job for a Steinway dealer in Morristown, Tennessee.  I did most of the tuning for Carson Newman, Lincoln Memorial, Cumberland, and Union Colleges, and also did work for East Tennessee State University.  Within 3 years I was offered the Baldwin franchise for East Tennessee.  I owned and managed Southland Piano and Organ Company with Jimmie Thompson in Knoxville and Morristown, Tennessee.

Now in my retirement years, I have a son that has worked with me and shares my passion for the piano business.  I also have two daughters that are both successful, and may I say, outstanding piano teachers.  They also share that same passion for the piano.

Bill and Kevin

Bill and Kevin Hill

APianoPlace.com was formulated in my mind during those years that I struggled with the expenses that come with a beautiful, high overhead store, and the many salesman that caused me to lay awake at night, figuring out how to sell enough pianos to pay their salaries.  Now, it’s such a blessing to be able to sell pianos at wholesale prices and still offer the same services that a full line store offers.  My shop is in my home; I tune and deliver most all the pianos myself. My 47 years in the piano business gives me the experience needed to hand pick the inventory that I sell.

APianoPlace.com is dedicated to helping people find the right piano at the right price.  Service and customer satisfaction is our goal with each and every person that visits our showroom or web site. Email or call us today to set an appointment! 205.223.7312 Birmingham, AL or 615.541.9563 Nashville, TN.

Bill and piano

Bill Hill